What Is Site-To-Site VPN?

There are several types of VPN that people and companies can use today. It’s necessary for users to learn about them so they can choose and they can use the right type of VPN that suits their necessities. In this article, we will share with you some info about site-to-site VPN. Additionally, if you want to use a VPN app on your Android smartphone, we recommend you find out what is the best android vpn so you can find an app that suits your mobile device.

Site-to-site VPNs create secure and permanent paths between websites. For example, between head office and branch offices via the internet. Both the head office and branch offices must have Cisco VPN equipment to build the VPN paths needed.

Cisco VPN equipment used at the head office is a Cisco VPN Concentrator for large companies, while for small or medium-sized companies it is sufficient to use a Cisco ASA firewall that supports VPN facilities.

Cisco VPN equipment used for branch offices is generally a Cisco ASA firewall that supports VPN facilities.

After the VPN path is established between the branch office and the head office, then computer users who are on the LAN at the branch office can access data that is on the LAN at the head office. Only of course access speeds are limited by the bandwidth of the VPN path used

What you need to consider is that the network configuration on the user’s computer at the branch office must use the default gateway in the form of an IP address (inside) the Cisco ASA firewall at the branch office.

If it’s viewed in terms of control or administrative control. In general, site-to-site VPNs can be divided into:


When the VPN is only used to connect several locations that are still one agency or one company. Like the head office is connected with the branch office. In other words, administrative control is entirely under one control.


When a VPN is used to connect several different agencies or companies, they have a “close” relationship. Like a textile company with a freight company used by the textile company. In other words, administrative control is under the control of several related agencies.

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